Emily’s departure and move south will leave a giant hole in our organization. I’ve been able to watch Emily blossom over the years and her expertise and partnership will be sorely missed.

William Hartz

Emily Yutzy is one of those rare team members who can handle just about anything, though her specialties are marketing, design and organizing events. Her web and networking skills are invaluable to our organization and she always thoroughly organizes each project or event, paying attention to each detail. When in doubt, we turn to Emily.

Best of all, Emily truly cares about her co-workers and everything she does for the organization – her integrity and accountability are unparalleled. We understand why Emily is moving, but she will be tremendously missed.

Sharyn McCormick

I have had the pleasure to work closely with Emily in the planning and implementing of our quarterly seminar and annual meeting events.

Emily is extremely organized and brings insightful and innovative ideas to the planning process. Not only does she work through all of the logistics internally, but also works directly with our clients and prospects guaranteeing that their experience from beginning to end is a good one.

Emily is highly dedicated and works tirelessly to ensure that each event is successful and meaningful to our client base. She would be an asset to any team.

Megan Erway

Emily is a capable team player. She approaches every marketing task with a very creative hand. Emily was instrumental in the launching of our Banyan website and all internal marketing efforts. We will truly miss her!

Tammy Frank

I had the opportunity to work with Emily at Hartz Consulting Group, Sovereign Bank, and Banyan Consulting. She is a consistent performer with great attention to detail. She provides great customer service to her customers whether internal or external to her organization. Emily is very organized and has helped the day to day operations run smoother in companies she’s been affiliated with. I would recommend Emily without reservation.

Adam Bedger

Emily is a very talented and creative member of the Banyan Consulting team. She has made significant contributions to our Company’s marketing and branding initiatives. Emily will do whatever it takes to ensure our clients’ needs are met.

Scott Fair

I engaged Emily in 2017 to develop and execute a strategic marketing plan for AccompliTrack. She brought enthusiasm, energy, an eye for detail, and broad knowledge of marketing to the effort. Her achievements include

  • Perfecting the company’s logo and branding, developing standards for corporate marketing materials
  • Selecting and implementing a CRM/Marketing/Sales platform (Hubspot) and using it to build a substantial mailing list
  • Identifying the most relevant traction channels for the growth of the company
  • Improving the design and function of the AccompliTrack website
  • Creating many engaging social media and blog posts
  • Planning and coordinating the AccompliTrack launch event as well as delivering the keynote speech at the event
  • Formulating the media kit for the product launch.
  • Orchestrating the scripting and production of a five-minute crowdfunding video and developing the script for a second
  • Hiring, managing, and mentoring an experienced marketing intern

Emily is a true professional with solid business acumen and deep competence in marketing, leadership, and public relations.

Jon DeMersseman

I thoroughly enjoy working with Emily. As Cleva’s agency, we worked alongside her in developing new packaging for several of their products. She was very organized in the way she provided all the necessary content, photos, and specifications to design the packaging efficiently and cost-effectively. Even when we needed products for photoshoots, she was able to provide clear direction for what she needed shot. Her organization skills made it incredibly easy to work with her. Emily is detail-oriented, which is reflected in her work ethic, writing skills, and the way she works with others. Her eye for direct to consumer point of sale packaging is unparalleled. By understanding the consumer’s voice through research, she understands exactly what they are looking for.

Joe LaPenna